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Informazion about cookies

Cookies are small text files sent from servers that manage Internet sites to the user's browser has been visiting them .
Some cookies are necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the website, which is why we have already set up a few. They allow us to give you the best experience and help us to understand how to use the site so that you can improve. Browsing on this website you agree to use our cookies .

The table below describes the cookies We use and provides a brief description of their function .

Name of Cookie

Expiration Time



2 years from creation/modification

Divide between   user and user session .Used by Google Analytics.


30 minutes from creation/modification

Set new User or session / visit. Used by Google Analytics.


End of session of browser

Interoperability  with urchin.js togheter with  _utmb. Used by Google Analytics.


6 months from creation/modification

Define the source of traffic or campaign to indicate how user find our site. Used by Google Analytics.


End of session of browser

Session of our site , cookie for visitor.